Discover the power of business intelligence And innovative marketing technology combined

Clickz was founded in 2017 by a team of veteran Israeli entrepreneurs programmers and marketing professionals. With many years of work experience as freelancers under our belt and after catering to hundreds of start-ups, advertising clients, including working with thousands of online freelancers, we decided to create a platform that will harness the power of big data and creative teams to complete marketing tasks.
Clickz current portfolio varies from international corporations and Hi-tech companies to local business owners and start-ups.

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Hello! Meet Our Awesome team

N. Wilder

N. Wilder, Co-founder

Meirav Kaufman, Co-founder

Lisa Perez

Lisa Perez, Account Manager

Alex Libshin

Alex Libshin, Tech Support

Herman Miller, Business Analyst

Mor Cohren

Mor Cohen, IT manager

Azriel Arad, Data Science advisor

Advika Brahmbhatt

Advika Brahmbhatt, Market data analyst

Lorry Baum, Accounting

Molly R. Confeld, Ads & Copywriting