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Create a killer customer base from scratch using our business intelligence and innovative marketing technology

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Our platform uncovers competitive intelligence data from hundreds of online sources

The Clickz data algorithm deep scans the internet for fresh data sources and potential customers for your brand.

The system collects ONLY the most valuable profiles for your brand

The Clickz platform assembles a personalized target audience tailor suited to your needs and marketing requirements.



Your campaign is distributed to multiple channels, exposing your brand, only the most relevant individuals!

Fire all the cannons at the same time!

The clickz platform launches your campaign on multiple channels and platforms
Using only one budget


No risk. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

You will be billed for one month in advance as a one time fee. 

If you wish to extend your campaign period, you can purchase another plan at the end of your current campaign.

*Once ordered please allow 24 hours for campaign to start generating traffic. 
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